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Social Media Marketing Made Easy

ASI ® will build your company's social media presence and help you connect with current and prospective customers.

Building a social media presence for your company is tedious, and managing it is a full-time job. Let ASI take care of the dirty work. We’ll build a personalized company page, write and publish content to engage your audience, create a mobile optimized promo store for your page, provide a free white paper on Facebook best practices and more!

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Why Do Social Media?

Increase Your Sales

Facebook helps you increase sales and find new customers. According to a recent Facebook advertising study, 70% had a 3X or greater return on ad spend while 49% had a 5X or greater return.

Most Popular Medium

Facebook is the most popular social networking site among both users and marketers. It’s no wonder 54% of marketers say Facebook is their most important marketing platform, above all others.

Big Brand Booster

Having a Facebook company page is invaluable for branding, and allows you to engage with current and prospective customers. According to a recent study, when people want to find out more about a local business, 62% say they check Facebook more than any other social channel.

Endless Possibilities

Facebook users are everywhere. In fact, approximately 81.7% of Facebook users are outside of the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, there are 1.57 billion mobile monthly active users to date.

"ASI helped me build a professional and compelling Facebook page for my business through Social Boost. On the very first day the page went live, we received an order from a new client who found us on Facebook. We went from zero to 340+ likes in just the first 2 weeks!"

-Gary C., asi/157421

How Social Boost Works

Sit back, relax and let ASI’s marketing pros handle it all for you.

  • Build and set up a professional Facebook Company Page for your company, including a customized cover photo and keyword-optimized “about” section
  • Complimentary white paper on “Facebook Guide to Best Practices”
  • Write and publish engaging content with images to your page’s timeline
  • Custom reporting dashboard details key metrics about your page
  • Build and set up a mobile optimized promo store to showcase your best products and drive traffic to your site
  • Create a custom audience group for future targeting (based on a contact list of your choosing)
  • Manage monthly Facebook ad campaigns to increase page likes, increase traffic to your website, generate buzz about your brand and find new customers

Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Facebook was founded in 2004 and is now one of the most powerful social networking sites in the world. On average, there are 829 million daily active users and 654 million mobile daily active users to date, and the numbers continue to grow.

A Facebook Profile is personal, represents an individual person and is intended for non-commercial use. On the other hand, Facebook Pages are intended for businesses, brands, organizations, etc., so they offer unique tools and features to help you grow. Facebook pages are managed by people who have personal profiles. Although Facebook requires a personal profile to manage a company page, no information is cross-posted, so your personal account remains personal. If you don't have a personal Facebook profile, we will set one up for you.

If you’re serious about growing your company, expanding your reach and connecting with new and existing audiences, you need a company page. Users look to Facebook to search for the brands that they know and love, as well as explore new companies, products and services. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities and the chance to gain a competitive edge. Your page will add value to your overall brand, as well as help boost your visibility in search engine results pages, allowing more people to find and connect with you online.

Setting up a page can be tricky, tedious and time-consuming, especially if you’re not fluent in social media marketing. Furthermore, Facebook is always updating its policies, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on current news, trends, rules and best practices on a regular basis. The best company pages often have beautifully designed cover photos, mobile optimized images and a whole social media team behind them responsible for posting and monitoring. The whole process can get unbelievably overwhelming! Save the headache for us and we’ll take care of the design, programming and posting to help your brand succeed.

No problem! Our social media experts are more than happy to review your existing page to see if it needs to be revamped and optimized. But if your page is great as is, you can simply choose one of our monthly subscription plans. But remember – there’s a difference between simply having a Facebook page and having a GREAT Facebook page.

Social Boost is a new service offered by ASI for companies lacking a social media presence, thus limiting their potential. The service has three different plans that offer various features, but all are designed to give your brand the social boost you’ve been missing.

Choose a plan that best fits your company’s needs, and we’ll take it from there! We’ll ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish and to ensure we’re on the same page. Depending on the plan you select and a few additional factors, the setup and turnaround time may vary; however, we’ll typically be able to get the ball rolling within 3 business days and get you started down the path of social success. Get started today!

A cover photo is the big header image that appears at the top of your Facebook page. All Social Boost plans include a customized cover photo, created by ASI’s team of professional designers, and will reflect your brand, industry and/or products.

Example of Custom Cover

Linked posts with images are published five times per month and included in all monthly subscription plans. Posts may reference products, industry information, topical content, etc. — each of which are selected by our coordinators and designed to promote engagement with your audience.

Example of Post

You will also have access to your page's Facebook Insights, so you can keep track of page and post activity throughout the month plus we will send you an update every other month with the main highlights.

There are significant benefits to having a mobile optimized promo store on your Facebook page. Did you know that Facebook users access the platform from a mobile device 68% of the time? Both the Advanced and Pro subscription plans come with a custom-designed Facebook promo store that displays up to 6 product categories, each of which will link back to a page on your website. The best thing about our promo store? It requires absolutely zero programming skills on your part.

Example of Custom App

As you peruse through your personal Facebook news feed, you probably see tons of ads, many of which are aligned with your general interests. There’s a reason for this – Facebook advertising has proven to be extremely effective in boosting page likes, increasing post engagement and driving targeted traffic to websites. 90% of marketers are already advertising on Facebook, as it often warrants a higher return on investment when compared to more traditional types of advertising. If you’re looking to get your company, brand and products in front of a larger audience, Facebook advertising will help maximize your efforts. We’ll custom-design your advertising campaign and ads to align with your business, location, target audience and goals! Each campaign will be monitored and updated to ensure that they’re performing well.

Example of Facebook Ads


Every package is unique to your needs. Combine other services and save!

$49.99 /MO.
$199 One-time setup fee
Free White paper/Toolkit
5 Linked Posts with Images
Custom Reporting
Quarterly Social Media Newsletter
$99.99 /MO.
$199 One-time setup fee
Free White paper/Toolkit
5 Linked Posts with Images
Custom Reporting
Quarterly Social Media Newsletter
Mobile Optimized Promo Store Canvas
Quarterly (4) seasonal cover photo update
$199.99 /MO.
$199 One-time setup fee
Free White paper/Toolkit
5 Linked Posts with Images
Custom Reporting
Quarterly Social Media Newsletter
Mobile Optimized Promo Store Canvas
Quarterly (4) seasonal cover photo update
1 Free Contact List Upload
3 Facebook Ads per month
Facebook Page Badge for ESP Website

*$199.00 setup fee